Measuring UX with Successful Experience Pyramid

The Successful Experience Pyramid (SEP), as a method to measure a system's trustworthiness, is based on the user's total sense of success when interacting with the app.

Why is trustworthiness important? Trust represents a higher-level of user experience. It's what makes a 'good' user experience. It is also the key in persuasive design, which goes beyond good usability, and is what ultimately makes a system useful and meaningful.

Anyone who's ever dealt with user feedback probably has seen how users can finish a task but did not think they did. While conducting my usability study for a class at UMD,


More Flexbox, Header with Wrapping Lines

Following the previous post on using flexbox for page layout, here is one on using it to dictate position of page elements.

In the codepend example below, I created a header component similar to this Line-On-Sides Header post from CSS-Tricks but by using flexbox. You should also check out the comments in that post for a variety of ways to approach the design. Flexbox is, by far, the simplest in terms of code needed.

No matter how the positioning is done. The most efficient way to draw the lines is utilizing the :before and :after pseudo-elements of the header container.


Column Layout Using CSS Flexbox

Flexbox is currently a W3C recommendation and only supported by (some) modern browser. But its approach is so much more native to how the web should behave. The concept also aligns well with the dominant responsive design. Flexbox seems destined to be the new standard one day.

Know all you need to know about flexbox from this CSS-TRICKS post and this ultimate cheatsheet.

Let's check out a column layout using flexbox.

A column-based layout typically involves assigning a float to the each column/block. Set a width to the column while also taking into account any margin or padding values.


Building a Ghost Blog Theme - Part 1

UPDATED 11.23.2014 ()
I've always wanted to give Ghost blog a go. Blogging in Markdown just seems so much easier (and geekier). No more writing HTML, just writing.

However, before Ghost launched a hosting service, finding a way to host and spin up the Node.js-based platform was a bit too much trouble.

Not a problem anymore! So I recently started out by building my own theme, Islay. It's named after my favorite style of whisky. I took the Scotch's lovely smokey and layered flavors as my design inspiration.

The theme is built on the awesome Foundation 5